Auto Mentis
Mentis Konstantinos - Car and Boat Electrician - Roadside Assistance - Insurance Agent
- Car Insurance - Fire Insurance - Home Insurance - Leather (Kambos Voion) Laconia


The company "Auto Mentis" of Mr. Mentis Constantinou in Dermatianika, Neapolis, Laconia, is a reliable and specialized destination for those who need services in the field of car and boat electrical systems. With years of experience and industry expertise, Auto Mentis has established itself as a trusted choice for local residents and visitors.

The services offered by Auto Mentis include the repair and maintenance of electrical systems in cars and boats. It is important to mention that the company has the necessary equipment and technical training to respond to any problem that may occur in the electrical systems of your vehicles and boats.

In addition, Auto Mentis offers roadside assistance services so that you can feel safe and prepared if you encounter any problems during your travels. It is important to mention that roadside assistance is offered 24/7, thus offering safety and peace of mind to our customers.

In addition, Auto Mentis is an insurance agent and can help you choose the right insurance for your car, boat, home or even fire insurance. Mr. Mendis Constantinos and his team are available to provide you with expert advice and help you choose the best insurance plans to meet your needs.


Finally, the Auto Mentis company serves the area of Marina Monemvasia, Neapolis and Elafonisos, thus meeting the needs of the residents and visitors of these beautiful areas.

Auto Mentis of Mr. Mentis Constantinou is the partner you can trust for all your needs in the field of car and boat electronics, roadside assistance and insurance. With professionalism, experience and dedication to customer service, Auto Mentis is here to provide you with high quality service you can rely on.