Fire Insurances


Fire Insurances
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The company "Auto Mentis", based in Dermatianika, Neapolis, Laconia, stands out as a reliable Insurance Agent specializing in fire insurance. Under the guidance of Mr. Mentis Constantinou, Auto Mentis undertakes to protect your home and your property from the dangers of fire.

Fire fuses are an essential part of home security and your peace of mind. At Auto Mentis, we understand that every home is unique and every family has different needs. That's why we work hard to offer you customized fire insurance solutions that will fit your exact needs and budget.


Fire insurance covers the protection of your home against many perils, including fire, vandalism and natural causes, and theft. At Auto Mentis, we'll help you choose the right cover for your home, offering you the security you need to weather adverse conditions.

Our goal is to offer our customers security and peace of mind, knowing that their property is protected in the event of critical incidents. In addition, Auto Mentis provides competitive prices and excellent service for the ultimate satisfaction of its customers.

If you are looking for a reliable insurance agent for your home fire insurance, Auto Mentis is here to meet your needs and provide the insurance you need for your home and property.