Car electrical shop


Car electrical shop
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The company "Auto Mentis" of Mr. Mentis Konstantinou, based in Dermatianika (Kambos Voion) Neapolis Laconia, is your destination for all needs related to the world of cars. With a long-standing presence in the field of automotive electronics, Auto Mentis has established itself as a reliable and specialized service center.

At Auto Mentis, love for cars and professional craftsmanship meet in a space where customers find high quality service. Our specialized technicians have the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with any problem in your car's electrical system, ensuring its safe operation.

Be it repairs, maintenance, installation of electrical components, electrical system checks, we are here to serve you in the best possible way.

At Auto Mentis, customer service is always our top priority. We understand the importance of good communication and a personalized approach in every case. Our aim is to provide you with a service that inspires confidence and to ensure that your car is always in top condition.

In addition, we offer competitive rates and flexible hours to meet your needs. Whether it's small repairs or larger electrical projects, you can count on Auto Mentis to meet your needs completely.

If you are in need of specialized car electrical services in the area of Dermatianike Neapolis Laconia, Auto Mentis is here for you. Trust us and let us take care of your car with love and professionalism.