Ship Power Plant


Ship Power Plant
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The company "Auto Mentis", based in Dermatianika, Neapolis Laconia, is a reliable and specialized destination for those who deal with marine life and boats. Under the guidance of Mr. Mentis Constantinou, this business offers excellent electrical services on boats, meeting the needs of sailors and marine hobbyists in a wide range of requirements.

At "Auto Mentis," the skilled craftsmen have deep knowledge and experience in the field of marine electronics. Regardless of the size or type of your boat, we can provide services such as electrical repairs, equipment installations, upgrades, and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that your boat operates properly and safely on every trip offshore.

In addition, "Auto Mentis" serves the wider area of the marina of Monemvasia, Neapolis and Elafonisos, meeting the needs of boat owners in these beautiful areas. Whether it's minor repairs or major work on your boat, you can count on our experience and our commitment to providing high quality service.

"Auto Mentis" is the partner you can trust for the maintenance and improvement of your boat's electrical system, offering you safety and reliability on your sea voyages.